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Company Profile

Company name Q Studios Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director(CEO) Masanari Iwamura
Scope of Business Game Development (Consumer, Mobile, Arcade, Online)
Plannig, Design, Programming
Address No.1 GlasHaus Building, Fl.8, Room 803/1, Sukhumvit 25,
KlongtoeyNue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel 02-258-4800 (Thailand)
Established 31th Jan 2013
Capital 3,000,000THB
Employee number about 16 persons
Affiliate company Byking Inc. (Japan)

Message From CEO

Creation of flagship game starting from Bangkok ~Made In Thailand~

Recently Thailand has achieved remarkable economic development as hub of ASEAN like Singapore thanks to its convenient location, especially in manufacturing industry.
Speaking of the capital Bangkok, we don’t have any image of emerging country in Southeast Asia. Bangkok even has spectacular cityscape, which exceeds local cities in Japan.
It is said urban area of Bangkok has 15 million of population and the ratio of young laborer is high. Bangkok is very energetic town.

If we see Bangkok from Japanese perspective, Thailand is pro-Japan country like Taiwan and reverent Buddhism country.
Japanese culture such as Japanese food and fashion penetrates widely and we can see Japanese language in everywhere.
Especially, Japanese animation and game have been popular from long time ago. From about 20 years ago, Japanese animations such as “Doraemon”, “Ikkyu san” and “Crayon Shin-chan” have been broadcasted in Thailand.
Nowadays, Japanese famous products such as “PreCure”, “Naruto” and “One Piece” are broadcasted in real time, and it makes us feel as if we lived in Tokyo.
When it comes to game, possession rate of portable game machines such as PSP and 3DS is high. By sympathizing with Japanese trend, we could see many people brought PSP and 3DS and played Monster hunter and Dragon Quest 10 in Bangkok.
And when it comes to smartphone, the number of users is rapidly increasing in Bangkok. Especially the sales of iPhone and Galaxy series are going well.

In education area, literacy rate of youth reaches to 98.1% like Japanese one. Like Japan, 9 years compulsory education till a third year of junior high school is imposed. The university entrance rate in whole Thailand is about 60%, which is low standard. However, when it comes to only in Bangkok, university entrance rate is very high. And the number of people who enter universities in Europe and America is large, and it is already incomparable with Japan.
With being deferent from Japanese university, the characteristic of first-class universities in Thailand is that admission and graduation are difficult. This education standard is keeping high level in Asia, like Singapore.
(Reference: The world university ranking 2012 Kasetsart University 140th place, Chulalongkorn University 173th place)
And we often see many students create 3D game and social application for iPhone by utilizing Unity in graduation project in engineering department.

The fact I ended up starting new business in Thailand is caused by absolutely these backgrounds. I am a true game creator.
For 2 years after I arrived in Thailand, I have worked on development of application and system as a response person of smartphone business department in IT Corporation. However, I kept to have a strong will to create game in that time.
As the turning point, by meeting many skilled engineers through my work for 2 years, I strongly believed that I could create game that I want with them, and that their understanding and familiarity to Japanese contents is big advantage that surrounding countries never have.

After charging term for 2 years, I came back in game industry by acquiring strong colleagues. We deliver the best game of “Made in Thailand” to everyone.

CEO Masanari Iwamura